Social Media Platforms

There are hundreds of relevant social media platforms that are available for people to explore and utilize, both from a personal perspective and a business perspective. Through our own research and testing, FirmFlex has narrowed down the search and concentrates our services to the platforms that we know get results for lawyers. Nevertheless, we are constantly testing out strategies on new platforms to stay ahead of the masses. Our services focus on the five pillars of social media for professionals – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. 

While you might have experience with these platforms on a personal level, these social media sites also offer opportunities for businesses and personal brands. The way you use these platforms for business – and particularly as a law firm – should differ in some ways from the way you use these platforms on a personal level. At FirmFlex, we understand these subtle differences, and can guide your business so that you follow best practices and get the most out of social media. 

Why should your firm be leveraging Facebook?

At the start of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook had over 2.41 billion active users, 74% of which use Facebook every day. If you are wondering where your clients’ attention is, Facebook is a safe bet.

Our approach to Facebook differs from other marketing companies out there. We focus on helping our clients build a community and get their brand across to potential clients. The internet gives consumers an opportunity to learn about whatever they want, at any time. With such power at their fingertips, consumers need a trusted brand to help them determine what information is useful, and what is exaggerated. Facebook is an opportunity to help potential clients get to know you, understand that you are a thought leader in your law niche, and trust you as that source of quality content.

Because there is so much competition for attention on Facebook, we help our clients cut through the clutter with practices that we have tested for lawyers. We focus on popular Facebook options that drive engagement, such as consistent posting and Facebook Live videos.

2.41 Billion Active Users

With all these active users, it is much easier to find your target client persona and reach them on Facebook.

74% of Users are Daily Users

Facebook users are consistent. Almost 75% open Facebook each day. You need to be as consistent in your messaging.

43% of Users Get Their News from Facebook

With so many people turning to Facebook for news, you can be engaged on breaking and trending stories.

96% of Users Get Access on Mobile

With so many users accessing through mobile, your marketing efforts will be in the palm of their hand.

35 Minutes on Average a Day

The average user is on Facebook for 35 minute every day. The equivalent of an entire sitcom on TV.

Videos Get 8 Billion Views a Day

Videos get views. Use videos to stand out in the feed and get your message in front of people.

Why should your firm be utilizing Instagram?

Instagram has exploded in recent years, with one billion monthly users. And it’s not just millennials posting pictures of their avocado toast – 70% of U.S. businesses have profiles on Instagram.

Instagram gives your firm the opportunity to build your brand and get personal. Much like on Facebook, this will establish a level of trust for those interacting with your brand.

We encourage our FirmFlex clients to take advantage of images and videos on Instagram, since it is such a visual platform. Thoughtful, detailed post descriptions, coupled with popular and relevant hashtags, will help your Instagram presence explode. This is the strategy that our team has used to garner thousands of followers on Instagram accounts, and we bring this knowledge to our clients.

1 Billion Users a Month

High numbers of interactive users are exactly who you want to reach on social media.

Multiple Sessions a Day

38% of users check Instagram multiple times a day. In these sessions they like 4.2 billion posts daily.

71% of Businesses Use It

71% of US businesses are on Instagram. If your firm is not on Instagram, your competitors are getting a free pass.

80% of Users Follow a Business

With 80% of users following at least one business, Instagram is a place where it is commonplace for people to interact with brands.

75% of Users Take Action

Instagram users are highly action oriented. You are missing out on getting likes, comments, or CTA clicks.

Users Spend 1 Hour a Day on IG

The average user spends 53 minutes a day on Instagram. Significantly higher than most other platforms.

Keeping your firm topical with Twitter

With 330 million monthly users, Twitter is still one of the most used social media platforms available. This platform provides an opportunity to stay current on topics of the day, inform your audience, and newsjack current events in order to stay relevant. Twitter is the number one social media platform for government leaders which makes it a great way to connect with professionals while providing valuable information to your audience about current events related to the law.

We have worked with lawyers and helped them jump into relevant trending conversations on Twitter so that they can add their opinions as experts. By using trending topics and hashtags to find the right conversations to join, we give our clients the exposure that they need to grow their brand on Twitter. 

330 Million Monthly Users

Twitter users tend to be the most diehard of all social platforms. When you gain an audience, it sticks.

500 Million Tweets a Day

With a constant stream of new tweets each day, Twitter is the place to engage on current events.

Used by Civil Leaders

Raise your profile by interacting with government and community leaders. Engage in discussion and discourse.

Twitter Videos Get 10X Engagement

Video on Twitter gets great results – over ten times more engagement than a tweet alone.

71% Use it For News

News dominates Twitter. Interact with reporters and become a resource in your field.

11% More Effective Than TV

Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads during live events. 

Using LinkedIn to grow your Referral Network

LinkedIn remains one of the best ways to connect with your colleagues without spending money and time on in-person meetings.

While we certainly believe that there is still a place for such in-person connections, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to network from the comfort of your office or home. 154 million American workers have LinkedIn profiles, which gives you the opportunity to connect with colleagues and business owners in your community. Nurturing these connections and providing useful content can lead to speaking engagements, collaborations with other lawyers, and referrals for your law firm. 

250 Million Users a Month

Millions of users check LinkedIn daily. This is a great way to network with other professionals.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Post useful videos and essays to LinkedIn to position yourself as a leader in your industry. 

40 Million Users Can Make Decisions for Their Companies

Trying to reach other law firms and businesses? You can network with the decision makers in these companies through this platform.

61 Million Users are Senior Level Employees

Find other partners at law firms and business owners to connect with.

63 Million Mobile Users Per Month

Reach your audience with photos, videos, and other types of content that perform well on mobile.

Only 3 Million Users Post Weekly

While this is still a lot, it is a small percentage of active users. There is a need on LinkedIn for active posting – take advantage of it.

Google My Business is an SEO Powerhouse

In 2011, Google entered the social media game with Google+. A few years later, Google turned its attention to a new platform – Google My Business. This is a free platform for businesses to provide their information and increase their likelihood of appearing in coveted Google searches. Part social network, part SEO powerhouse, part mini website, Google My Business is a platform that can add a lot of value to your law firm.

Because Google My Business pages are free, and it’s – well – Google, you have a lot to gain from filling out your business’ profile and posting frequently. Nurturing your Google My Business profile gives you an opportunity to interact with potential clients, gain credibility through Google Reviews, and improve your local SEO.

Local search is alive and well, with one in two people visiting a place they do a local search for the same day. In addition, over 75% of those who search for businesses near them on their smartphones will visit that type of business within one day.
Google My Business is a unique social platform with a lot of local SEO juice. Contact us to learn more about how to utilize this platform and reach the 84% of consumers searching for local businesses on search engines.

Over 90% of People Use Google Search

The same as real estate – location, location, location. Being on GMB is being where the people are.

GMB Users Have Intent

Google searchers have come to trust the search engine to deliver results, and use Google as the arbiter of quality.

Numbers Don't Lie

78% of mobile searches end with an offline purchase. By positioning yourself in GMB, you rank better for local results.

97% of Customers Read Online Reviews

With so many users accessing through mobile, your marketing efforts will be in the palm of their hand.

92% of Searchers Will Pick Lawyers on the First Page

Having your firm come up in the Maps Pack in search results can mean an explosion of calls to your firm.

4 in 5 Consumers Search Engines to Find Local Info

Google is pushing hard into local search, and those who adapt first will succeed.

Other Platforms


Thriving with the milennial crowd, Snapchat can be used by forward thinking firms to build brand now for 10 years from now.


Many lawyers have embraced YouTube and craft videos to inform their audiences, but firms can dominate with preroll ads.


While not thought of as a traditional platform for lawyers to devote resources to, Pinterest can be the right move for certain firms.


The next decade will see  increases in attention devoted to audio products. Spotify is a platform for messaging a captive audience.

Every social platform has positives and negatives for a lawyer, and by understanding the vertical, the audience and the message, you can adopt specific verticals to benefit your firm. It’s all about finding the right mix of medium and message. Contact us today to talk about which platform is right for you.