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Our DIY Program

Our mission is to empower lawyers to leverage social media to grow their firms without breaking the bank. In just 5 minutes a day, you can be well on your way to success in building your firm’s brand.

Conquer Social in 5 Minutes A Day

We give you everything you need. Our program was designed in-house at a law firm to get the associates engaging on social media and building their brand. Follow the proven steps and in just 5 minutes a day, you will start seeing results.

Ideas Delivered Each Morning

Never have writer’s block. Our plan serves up everything you need to execute before you even get out of bed.

High-Quality Images

We provide curated, relevant, and royalty-free high-quality stock images from our library of over 10,000 images.

Private Facebook Group

You gain access to our private Facebook Group. Share ideas and get inspiration from other lawyers like you.

No More Writer’s Block

Rest easy knowing that you can come up with your own content ideas if you’d like, but we will make sure you have something to post 365 days a year.

Content ideas in the palm of your hand.

You have enough to worry about with your cases, staff, and clients. Let us help when it comes to posting to social media.

Our DIY Program delivers 3+ fresh content ideas that are day-specific to you each morning via text message to get you in the habit. Grab an idea and post while waiting for your morning coffee.

In addition, we supply everything you need to develop your own voice on social media, be it with our #themeweeks, our inspirational ideas, or any combination of our concepts served up for your execution.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

Maintaining a consistent brand image is vital to growing your firm. Having images on your social media posts helps your audience identify your firm and be more apt to listen to your message.

The average Facebook user scrolls 100 meters a day on the app. Our images are selected to get them to stop  and read 📖 your content, 

Consistency is Key

Just like going to the gym to get stronger and healthier, consistency in posting is key to seeing gains on social media. However, at FirmFlex, we understand that you simply do not have enough bandwidth to think of a topic, find a picture, research the relevant #hashtags, and post every single day.

That is the beauty of our DIY Plan. We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders by making sure you have something to post every day. This allows you to post when you have time, either at the start of the day, or at the end when we remind you to get it done. 

By taking 99% of the workload off your plate, we make it easy for you to execute quality social media consistently.

Join a Community of Friends

Today’s legal community is more fractured than ever before, but the tools exist to allow you to engage and thrive if you know where to look. Our FirmFlex Gym allows you to showcase your work, get inspiration from others, and tackle issues or creative ideas you might have in a forum of friends who are going through the same challenges you are.

At the FirmFlex Gym, you aren’t alone, you are part of our family!

Easy to implement hacks & extras

One of the ways most digital marketing agencies prey on attorneys is that they get you in on a low level plan and upsell you on everything. But at FirmFlex, we challenge that conventional process by giving you FREE hacks we have tried that you can implement on your own. These are great resources you can use to build your brand online.

You also get a large discount for ReviewLube, our sister company, for simple reputation management. And by being part of our Facebook Group, you get immediate access to all past hacks to catch up!

Pricing Plans

We offer three convenient pricing options for the DIY Program. Choose which option works best for your firm. All plans come with the same features.

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Daily Content Ideas
  • Relevant Hashtags
  • Relevant Images
  • Special Presentations
  • 5-Day Free Trial



billed monthly

Everything you need to up your social media game.



billed every 3 months

Everything you need to up your social media game.



billed yearly

Everything you need to up your social media game.

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