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John Fisher is an attorney handling catastrophic injury cases, a best-selling author, and the creator of the Mastermind Experience. He is at the forefront of utilizing systems to help your firm grow. Hear what he has to say about FirmFlex.
John Fisher - The Mastermind Experience

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John has user FirmFlex since our beta testing and is a raving fan.

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Want to go all-in on social? We can help. Hear from actual clients that have used FirmFlex to boost their social media presence and grow their firms.

FirmFlex’s DIY plan gives you everything you need to maintain a social media presence with minimal effort. The only downside is trying to calculate an accurate ROI since you’ll be getting calls three years from now because someone told someone told someone about something they saw you post online today.

John Drapp - Drapp & Jaumann

There are going to be two types of lawyer in the near future - those who master social media and those that work for those who have mastered social media. FirmFlex is an investment in my future. Jay is the only person I would trust with our social media accounts. He is a master!

Nicole Loughlin - Loughlin Law P.A.

It is critical for law firms to stay active and engaged on social media to grow your brand.  The problem is coming up with good content and ideas can be difficult for most law firm owners.  This is where Firm Flex has been a game changer for us.  We use the ideas and graphics from our DIY Firm Flex plan to spark ideas and creativity and adopt the concepts in the gym and put our flavor on it and watch the likes and shares coming rolling in.  Highly endorse the FF DIY plan!

Mo Lilienthal - Martinson & Beason, P.C.

This program is amazing!

Hear how the FirmFlex DIY Program helped a firm in the highly competitive niche of Personal Injury broaden its reach, grow its brand and compete with other personal injry firms spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on traditional advertising.
Ryan McKeen - CT Trial Firm


Our firm increased our page reach over 202% in a few months

FirmFlex seeks to empower lawyers to leverage social media to grow their firms.

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