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A FirmFlex Social Funnel is THE way to drive qualified leads into your client base. Our funnel program gives you the ultimate control over your new client funnel. We design, implement, and set up all the triggers for a multi-step funnel bringing attention to your brand and slowly warming potential clients from cold to RED HOT and ready to engage.

Multistep Funnels to turn leads into clients

You already know that a funnel is the most effective way to get more clients, but until now, no agency wanted to pull back the curtains on how it works.

100% Control

You maintain control of the on/off switch at all times, never be at the mercy of an agency

100% Yours

You can create prebuilt funnels based on time of year, type of offering, or general awareness to be turned on at a moments notice

100% Transparency

You can log in daily and see real-time results from your funnel for each step. Never guess about what is working or not working

100% Flexible

Your funnels will focus on the unique selling points of your firm, with custom images to match.

Trigger Content

It all starts with the trigger content. Trigger content is a post we write for you that highlights a particular problem your best clients are facing – we carefully craft this content to get people to “stop the scroll” because it resonates with them and their needs. First we identify the general characteristics of your intended audience and filter for them, then we hit with the good stuff.

Here is a simple example: You are a parent with a newborn, and you see content about the “5 things every parent with a newborn should know.” You stop, you read (hey, you have the time in the middle of the night! Your brother-in-law, still in college and childless (he can’t even get a girlfriend!) won’t stop scrolling and read because it doesn’t resonate with him.

By stopping the scroll and engaging with your content, it sends us a signal that they fall into your potential audience. We segment these people and can target them with the next step:

Video Post

Many lawyers want their videos to be crisp, clean and polished, but that doesn’t necessarily get the best views at this point in the process.

What we give you is a simple script to follow, shot on your phone, introducing you to your audience and talking about the types of cases you handle and how you help people. That’s it! It’s a short intro video that we serve just to prime the viewer to learn more about you and see that you aren’t a threat.

Most legal issues are scary for non-lawyers – it means something is up and they cannot fix it themselves, so being approachable matters, and this step is meant to teach them you are approachable.

Social Proof

What’s better than you telling people you are great? Strangers telling them!

But seriously, social proof is a dramatic mover online. You read reviews before you buy something or go to a restaurant – people do the same with lawyers. By highlighting your social proof AFTER they meet you it is like you have an army of people praising you and giving the prospective client the faith that if others were served well by you they will be too.

It eliminates that hesitancy that is natural in any promotional situation, and further drives home the message that you are the safest choice to solve their problem because you did it for others.

eBook Download

Now we put your knowledge in their hands. By downloading your ebook they are saying “Hey, this team does what I need and knows what they are talking about – they are reliable and I can trust them.”

We created these ebooks (which you will approve) to inform them enough but also encourage them to reach out to you by leaving certain questions unanswered. By having a download in hand, they can share it with their loved ones who may also be helping them with this decision process and now see you as the once source willing to give them something for free to help them, instead of the lawyers who hold back information and require them to “call for more information”

Consultation Offer

Finally, the consultation offer is served to them, which allows them to take the initiative to easily and painlessly contact you to set up a phone or office consult or whatever consultation you want with hot leads. The prospective client knows all about you, likes you, and trusts you, and has an easy way to get over that hurdle and make first contact. Dozens or hundreds of clients a year finding you and seeking your services out, running all day and night without any heavy lifting on your part – It’s a law firm owner’s dream come true.

Social Funnels Pricing

One flat rate. That’s what we charge to implement the best-in-class social funnel for you. The funnel is set up by our team in your Facebook Business Manager account so that you maintain 100% and the process is transparent to you. No more agency voodoo. No more doublespeak. Results, plain and simple

Like Hack


funnel add-on

Target people that have interacted with your page to increase your followers and grow your brand.

Available at checkout with Social Funnel purchase.

Social Funnel


per funnel

  • Custom Audience Creation
  • Custom Trigger Post
  • Video Script
  • Professional Editing
  • Video Subtitling
  • Reviews Graphics
  • Branded eBook
  • Calendar Linking Available

Reviews Hack


funnel add-on

Retarget website visitors with a reviews carousel to build trust and brand awareness in a sea of competitors.

Available at checkout with Social Funnel purchase.

Unleash the power of Social Funnels!