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Why Every Law Firm Needs a Social Media Strategy

Every law firm needs a social media strategy in order to maximize its online presence and reach potential clients. A strong social media presence can help a law firm attract new clients, build its reputation, and establish itself as a thought leader in the legal industry. One of the key benefits of having a social…


How to Get Your Staff Involved in Your Law Firm’s 2021 Marketing Efforts

I’m late to the party, but I just finished Phil Knight’s memoir, Shoe Dog. If you are interested in business, it’s a book I’d highly recommend. It’s well written and engaging, while being incredibly didactic. One of my biggest takeaways was what Knight almost named Nike, and why he changed his mind. Primed to release the…


Lawyers, Here is how Video will Save Your Business in 2020

Happy New Year #Flexers! 🎉 What a year 2019 has been. We are excited and ready to do whatever is needed for a successful and prosperous 2020.  Right off the bat, I have found that many lawyers have decided to commit to the most relevant and business-driven marketing strategy… Video! Less than one week in…


Why Your Story Matters and How to Tell It

Social media and the internet at large can seem strange. How much can you share while establishing boundaries? How much do people want to know about you? Is this just an exercise in narcissism? It’s easy to get carried away with social media, but intentional use of these platforms is meant to drive connection, not…


How to Build a Facebook Brand Page

Building a brand page is one of the first steps a lawyer should take when tackling social media. It’s important to separate your personal Facebook page from your business page. I will show you how. First things first we will discuss why it matters, what to focus on, and finally how to build the platform…


The Ins and Outs of the Facebook Poll Feature

Aijah here! I want you to get the most out of Facebook. There are so many neat features that you can explore. In this video, I will show you how to engage your followers using the poll option. I’m sure you’ve seen other people using it and you wish you could figure out how to…


iPhone Photography for Beginners: How to Create News Feed Ready Photos

There is no doubt that some of the best performing modes of visual content on social media include photography. With the cinematic advancements in iPhone technology, Apple makes it so any camera user has the potential to enhance their seemingly average photos into eye-catching and aesthetic looking content. That includes you! In the DIY program,…


Why Forward Thinking Lawyers Will Go ALL IN on Social Media in 2019

The first lawyer I ever freelanced for invited me to his office for an initial meeting. It was a modest production — just him and a receptionist buried under dark wood furniture and leather bound law books. He paced the conference room while I sipped a cup of tea, expressing his frustrations and difficulties in…


Can I really post this much on Facebook? Won’t I annoy people?

One of the biggest reservations that lawyers have when starting a social media marketing program is that they worry their posting will turn people off.  Because of a fundamental misunderstanding of how the algorithms work, many lawyers don’t need to fear “overposting,” unless they make 1 critical mistake. Firmflex Coach and CEO Jay Ruane explains…


Best Practices for Lawyers posting to Facebook

This lesson from Firmflex Coach and CEO Jay Ruane delves into best practices on social media platforms. How you should share your posts and how to engage people. By following these steps, you can push your social game to the top.


How to Segment your Friends on Facebook

A quick tip from Firmflex CEO Jay Ruane about how to segment or categorize your friends on your personal network in anticipation of sharing your public profile or business posts to your personal profile. A MUST WATCH for anyone starting out on social!


How Lawyers Can Leverage Social Media Without Losing Money

Social media in the legal world is a needed and valued service. Yet, most lawyers do not take advantage of social media platforms and the evergreen opportunities that evolve from them. It is overlooked, misused, and discouraging for most legal professionals. Follow these 9 most valuable reasons for making the most out of social media…