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The all-in-one solution for your law firm’s

social media needs.

Everything you need to execute social media for your firm. Cloud-based manager, content calendar, graphics editor, and much more. You do not need to hire a social media manager. With this system, your existing staff can manage your social media in minutes a day, saving you thousands of dollars.

Your best all-in-one solution

Tired of a disjointed approach to your firm’s social media? Having to find content ideas, produce good artwork, schedule it all, and then get good reporting to see what is effective? We have you covered.

Daily Content Ideas

Your content calendar will have multiple posts ready for each day. Simply approve to schedule the post or dive into the editor to make it your own.

Loads of Curated Images

We will select images from our vast library to go with each post. These are all commercially licensed so you know you are covered.

Easy Connections

Once you have your login credentials, it is easy to add your Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can schedule your posts.

Easy Custom Artwork

Our platform has its own Canva-style graphical editor making it easy for you to add logos or upload your own images and customize your posts.


If you have a different idea for a specific day, you can upload any images you want and create posts based on your topic.

Saving You Money

Execute your social media with your current staff. You will no longer need to hire a dedicated Social Media Manager. Saving your firms up to $60K a year.

Full Content Calendar

Just like going to the gym, consistency in posting is key to seeing gains. However, at FirmFlex, we understand that you may be on trial, have long depositions, or simply not enough time to come up with post ideas every day.  You will have multiple post ideas in your calendar for every day of the year. You can use one, or use them all. It’s up to you.

This allows you to post when inspiration strikes, a practice-relevant topic is in the news, or a local story will resonate with your audience.  The SuperSystem is designed to grow your audience so when you speak, more people are listening.

You also will have more time to interact with those that comment on your posts. This is a vital piece in making connections and helping your firm grow.

Approval & Scheduling

Your workflow could not be easier. When you log in to the platform you can go to the calendar and see the posts that are proposed for that day. You can review the content and decide which ones you would like to publish to your social media accounts. 

If you want to add your logo or maybe a custom image of your own, no sweat. Simply click on the EDIT button and that will take you to the Canva-style editor where you can customize the post to fit your needs. 

Once you are done with your edits you can either approve the post to go out at the predesignated time or change the time for posting. This is a great way to utilize multiple post ideas in one day. Simply change the times they will post to spread them out over the day.

Full Graphics Editor

The creative used in your posts can have a big impact on the efficacy of your posts. The SuperSytem brings a powerful graphical editor to your fingertips. You no longer need to know if your artwork is sized correctly for a platform. 

Simply edit the creative within our platform and schedule to post. No more downloading and uploading hassles. You no longer need to pay for 3rd party services like Canva or Stencil. 

Having everything in one place speeds up your workflow and ensures that everything is working in unison. 

Powerful Analytics

The only way that you can make sound decisions is by using data. The SuperSystem has robust reporting and analytics features built right in. You no longer have to try to decipher Facebook’s reports.

You have easy to digest data at a glance. See how your posts are performing. Make sure that your admin is executing on a daily basis. 

This reporting allow you to delegate the day to day tasks but still have your finger on the pulse of your social media accounts. 

Pricing Plans

We offer three convenient pricing options for the SuperSystem. Choose which option works best for your firm. All plans come with the same features.

  • Full Content Calendar
  • Weekly Themes
  • Relevant Hashtags
  • Relevant Images
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Canva Style Editor



billed monthly

The complete social media platform for law firms.



billed every 3 months

The complete social media platform for law firms.



billed yearly

The complete social media platform for law firms.

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