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We understand that every firm is different and you may have questions about one of our products. Below is a roundup of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you still need further clarification you can contact support directly.

Why should I bother to post daily organically?

Posting organically is the heartbeat of your firm on social. While yes, there has been a drop in organic reach, the reach still exists, and by posting, you will show up in the feeds of the people who connect with you. As your audience grows, the number of people seeing your posts will grow, and posting daily shows all your visitors that you are alive and well and working for people like them.

How does the Social SuperSystem work?

We take the best brightest content writers in the country and put them to work crafting and curating a social strategy for you, to engage people on the topics they love most to talk about. This gets you traction on social, and encourages people to share your content, which amplifies the message to new converts and existing contacts.

Can I add my own posts?

YES! This is exactly what the SuperSystem does. We preload content for you, but nothing stops you from adding your own and making it your own. This allows you a one-stop shop for all social, including free stock photos, a graphical editor you can use to make your images pop, and all the guidance you need. Designed for the small firm and solo lawyer, you can execute a week or month’s worth of social in under an hour, all customized to you using the SuperSystem

Why should I choose the SuperSystem over other scheduling platforms?

The SuperSystem was designed from the ground up for lawyers and the type of social posts they should be posting, and the SuperSystem gives you legal-related posts (and plenty nonlegal as well) but also keeps all the content and imagery in one spot. With Hootsuite or another platform, you need to go out and legally source your own photos, draft and write your own posts – with the SuperSystem that is all done for you – a quick once over and you are all set to post.

How do I log in to the platform?

Click here to log in to the Social SuperSystem. Click here to watch a video demonstrating how to log in.

How do I add my logo to an image or upload my own?

Adding your firm logo or uploading your own images is simple inside the SuperSystem’s graphics editor. Watch this video to see a demonstration of how to upload your files and use them in the graphics editor.

Can I have someone on my team use the platform?

Each client is allowed one user account on the platform. Simply share your login information with your staff and they can execute the approvals and post for you. .

How can I amplify my Social SuperSystem posts?

Visit our Social Funnels page to learn about sponsored posts and an incoming knowledge funnel meant to attract, inform and convert your best leads into clients through proven funnel techniques – all done for you.

What is a Social Funnel?

A funnel is a way to market to potential clients who don’t know why they need your services and why they should pick you. A funnel starts with the potential client self-identifying to you by engaging with the content you post (or, more importantly, we post for you) on your social feed. We target a wide swath of people to see this. Those who engage start the journey down your funnel until they have read your content learned about you, learned what others think about you, and why you are the right choice for them. Each step in the funnel gets them closer to realizing you are the solution to their problems! By the time they are at the last stage of the funnel, the answer is clear to them – contacting you will help solve their problem!

Why should we use FirmFlex to set up our Funnels?

Our team has over a decade of experience crafting funnelize offerings on social media and can put into place the correct steps you need for your potential clients to walk the sales journey to your mailing list or contact form. Knowing how to set the triggers, what content to place where, and when to show prospective clients certain parts of the funnel takes time and attention to detail, and we have both. You have a firm to run

So do you charge monthly for this?

Nope, no way. We set up the funnel. That’s the cost we charge. They are set up in YOUR ad manager on Facebook (which means you own it and control it) and then we disappear. Don’t worry, we will show you how to monitor it and we are always available to chat, but we won’t charge you monthly for something we do once. That’s not cool. Let other agencies do that. We get paid for the work and then you can focus your spend on eyeballs, not a recurring payment to us.

How many steps will my funnel have?

Well, that depends on a number of factors, and also the type of law you are practicing. Do you want leads to join your mailing list? Download an ebook? Do you want one of our premade ebooks as part of the funnel process? We will go over this in our onboarding process, but at a minimum, our funnels have 3 steps in them, but many are 4 or 5-step funnels because we can really drill down into your target client.

How many funnels do I need?

Well, you need at least 1, but many firms choose different objectives for a funnel so they can have 2-5 running at any one time. The benefit is that with our funnels you retain complete control of the budget and the on/off switch. Need to take a break? Turn it off. Want more – ramp it up! Going away for a monthlong vacation – hit pause and don’t waste a dollar. The control is all yours for no monthly fee!

I like it – what else should I be doing on social?

Well, we have targeted campaigns meant to drive you more likes and show your reviews to more people within your community – both are great as add-ons to a funnel program.

Which is more important right now Funnels or Daily Posting?

Ah, you are comparing apples and oranges! Why not build a fruit salad? The truth is that in today’s world, spending even a dollar on social media will get you many more eyeballs than a dollar anywhere else. But if you get the eyeballs on your brand, they have to know, like and trust you to convert, and that is where daily posting comes in. We offer 2 solutions for you. A daily group coaching option called our DIY Program, and the Social SuperSystem, for a firm that wants to level up on social but doesn’t have the time to write a post every day, either is a good companion to your funnel.

Is there a contract?

No. FirmFlex DIY is a monthly subscription service. You can cancel anytime. No long-term commitments. We encourage you to sign up for our free 5 day trial to test out the program and see how it works for your firm.

Who is the best candidate for DIY Social?

DIY is a fan favorite of many different lawyers in many different practice areas, levels of experience, and knowledge around social media marketing. This program works best for anyone who is dedicated to learning, evolving with the rapid changes to traditional marketing for lawyers, and giving their firm the best chance at success in this digital age.

Why should I join the DIY Program?

DIY is a great option for people who are interested in having full control over the message of their online content. It is also the lowest price point of $97 a month for those of you who are looking for a valuable and affordable way to navigate social media.

What kind of content is in the DIY Program?

The DIY program is designed around a personal approach. Storytelling, narratives, and reality-first content are what we encourage our flexers to post. People relate to people. People engage with people. Every day you are provided with 3 topical days, a theme of the week, and the ideas that follow that theme. That leaves you with 4 ideas and always the option to use inspirational photos too.

What do I get from the DIY Program?

Social media is one of the greatest opportunities for lawyers to connect with their local community and build relationships where people spend their time today. One of the greatest things about social is that you can develop these relationships at scale, and become the lawyer online that people in your community know, like and trust by leveraging a strong social posting system. The DIY program makes it easy for you to execute social in just 5 minutes a day.

Why even bother with social?

As people get busier and busier, the chances they interact with your social circle become smaller and smaller, and for the busy lawyer, the time commitment to network with dozens of people becomes untenable after a few weeks or months – it just becomes exhausting. But with social, you can speak to your community where they are and how they are comfortable, and position yourself as a thought leader who can solve their problem when the time is right. Social isn’t about the “hot” leads. It is about building relationships for the long term because there is nothing better than a hot lead that SEEKS you out and ignores your competition.

Have other lawyers found success with DIY?

You bet, you can see some reviews right here

Ok. Where do I sign up?

Just sign up here and you can be on your way to crushing social in the next 10 minutes. If you don’t do it now, you’ll just be another year older when you do, and have lost out on a year or more of engagement with your audience – and given your competition a chance to steal your market share!

How can I update my account info?

To update your account information simply make sure that you are logged in on this website and go to your Account Dashboard. In your dashboard, you can update your billing information, contact details, access and downloadable files that are part of DIY Social and manage your account renewals.

Who is FirmFlex?

Firmflex launched out of Ruane Attorneys when after a decade of trying and hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted money, the marketing team at a law firm finally figured out how to effectively do daily social and combine it with paid targeting methods. For info on the self-service ways to execute social, check out our DIY plan, or if you want more guidance and easier posting for your office, you can tap the Social SuperSystem for help. Once you check those out and are ready to drive leads, check out Social Funnels. Combined, you can execute daily organic and sponsored social to drive brand awareness AND leads.

How do I contact you?

Simply head on over to our Contact page to get in touch with our team. On that page you will find the ability to send in a general inquiry, a support request and more.

Are you speaking anywhere I can see you?

Our team members are well known in the digital marketing world and have spoken to thousands of lawyers over the last decade on topics like “How Social Media can Save Your Firm” and “What not to do in Social Media”. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on upcoming speaking engagements,

Can we have you speak to our organization?

Sure, send us a message we can chat more.

I think I want to move forward, but I still have questions – how can we talk?

Please take a look at the FAQs for the specific product that you are interested in. If you still have a question you can contact us and we will get back to you shortly.