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How Lawyers Can Leverage Social Media Without Losing Money

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Social media in the legal world is a needed and valued service. Yet, most lawyers do not take advantage of social media platforms and the evergreen opportunities that evolve from them. It is overlooked, misused, and discouraging for most legal professionals. Follow these 9 most valuable reasons for making the most out of social media without breaking the bank.

1. Your lawyers can build their own following and referral sources.

Creating a brand page is a simple but effective way for your associates to bring clients in.

2. Your marketing department will spend less on advertising and can reallocate its funding into other means of supporting the business on the internet.
3. Social media can be easily tailored to your budget and needs. You can use organic posting to advertise your business for free or target your ideal client with paid ads.
4. All of your current and future clients are on social media.

Connect where your clients are!

5. Social media connects you directly to your community. Collaborating with local businesses only enriches your practice.
6. Social media makes lawyers more approachable! You’re more likely to connect with clients in real life if you have a social media personality and presence. They will trust you with their case and also feel more comfortable financially.
7. Social media platforms encourage networking. This can be done with colleagues, other firms, and businesses in your community.
8. Share information quickly so your clients can learn more about your services.
9. This investment makes it easy to share business information that creates consumer trust through response time, reviews, testimonials, and creative elements.